Kadai Chocolate Cake

Kadai Chocolate Cake

Make Kadai Chocolate Cake without the need of an oven or even a pressure cooker. Chocolate Cakes are always thought to be difficult to make. We often think that making chocolate cakes require a lot of cooking time and expertise. This is not the case as this is an easy to make recipe that can be made directly in a Kadai. Be it for a birthday or some other special occasion making cakes has never been this easy.

This is an eggless cake that can be made using only a mere 3 ingredients. Try the recipe with these step by step instructions and make this delicious chocolatey cake. For a video on the same visit my YouTube Channel.

Ingredients For Kadai Chocolate Cake :

  • 3 Packets Of Oreo Biscuits
  • 3 tsp Sugar
  • 1- 1 1/2 Cup MIlk
  • 1 tsp Baking Soda or 5g Eno

Method To Make Kadai Chocolate Cake :

  • Firstly, In a mixer or blender add the oreo biscuits
  • Secondly break the Oreo into smaller pieces and put in blender
  • Then in the blender add 3 tsp of sugar and blend 
  • Now put a Tawa on the gas and let it get hot for 3-7 minutes
  • Meanwhile, while the tawa is heating, add milk in the mixture and mix until it has a flowing consistency
  • Moreover, In the above mixture add Baking soda or Eno
  • After that take a kadai and oil the base properly
  • Place a butter paper cut to the appropriate size
  • Pour the batter inside the kadai and tap the kadai to even the mixture out
  • You can tap the mixture with dry fruits or choco chips for extra flavor
  • Now put the kadai on the tawa
  • Keep the flame Low-Medium and bake the mix for around 30-35 minutes
  • When the allotted time passes check the cake by putting a knife in the middle
  • If the knife comes out clean then the cake is properly baked, if not then then you can bake it some more
  • Demold the cake when it cools down

Decorating the Tawa Chocolate Cake

  • Take Compund Chocolate
  • Using the double-boiler method and melt the chocolate
  • apply the chocolate evenly on the cake
  • Instead, you can use chocolate syrup
  • Decorate the cake with white chocolate chips and silver decorative balls

Tips To Remember

  • Check the cake after 20-25 minutes when it is being baked, to make sure it doesn’t burn
  • All the decorations are completely optional
  • The time it takes for the cake to bake can vary

The Cake Is Ready To Eat!

In Conclusion, this take cake takes around 30-35 minutes to bake and is made without egg or oven. Kadai Chocolate Cake can be made with minimal ingredients and is perfect for any celebratory occasion.

Watch my YouTube Video for a more thorough and detailed description on how to make this cake.

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